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BJ Baldwin and Sasquatch Getting Gnarly in Tacoma

Evidently I’ve been living under a rock, because this is the first I’m seeing of Monster Energy and BJ Baldwin’s Recoil videos. Think Ken Block’s Gymkhana videos, but instead of rally cars it’s a trophy truck and side-by-side tearing it up. The third installment dropped yesterday and shows Mr. Baldwin hunting the ever elusive Sasquatch in … Continue reading BJ Baldwin and Sasquatch Getting Gnarly in Tacoma

Show-Vember In Seattle

Thanks to the totally useful and convenient time change this month, the daylight hours are on their way out. Looks like I won’t be doing anything outdoors without the help of lanterns and headlights until 2016 😦 So I’m shifting gears a little bit from my dirt jumper to live music, and I’m dubbing this … Continue reading Show-Vember In Seattle