Show-Vember In Seattle

Thanks to the totally useful and convenient time change this month, the daylight hours are on their way out. Looks like I won’t be doing anything outdoors without the help of lanterns and headlights until 2016 😦 So I’m shifting gears a little bit from my dirt jumper to live music, and I’m dubbing this … Continue reading Show-Vember In Seattle

My Favorite Lyrics

Have you heard any of these songs? Here I’ve compiled a list of my all-time favorite lyrics. I listen to a lot of music, and these lines are the ones that really strike a chord in me. It’s not necessarily the words alone that make these lines stand out, but more the melodies and the way … Continue reading My Favorite Lyrics

I Like To Listen

Let’s talk tunes. I mean the music that takes you places. When you hear it you’re brought back to a time, place or moment when that song became embedded in you. You know every word and you always will. Different songs bring different emotions and different memories. You may have a playlist that you played … Continue reading I Like To Listen