BJ Baldwin and Sasquatch Getting Gnarly in Tacoma

Evidently I’ve been living under a rock, because this is the first I’m seeing of Monster Energy and BJ Baldwin’s Recoil videos. Think Ken Block’s Gymkhana videos, but instead of rally cars it’s a trophy truck and side-by-side tearing it up. The third installment dropped yesterday and shows Mr. Baldwin hunting the ever elusive Sasquatch in the Pacific Northwest woods. Long story short, he tracks down the Squatch, but only as the beast jumps into a side-by-side and takes off through the woods on his way to Tacoma. No need to fret though, because Baldwin happens to have his trophy truck fueled up and ready to rumble as well. The two turn and burn out of the woods and into the city, jumping and racing over some impressively large urban obstacles before meeting in the Tacoma Dome.

My favorite part has to be the two meeting in the Tacoma Dome at around 5:45. The outtakes at the end are also awesome. Check it out below.

Show-Vember In Seattle

Thanks to the totally useful and convenient time change this month, the daylight hours are on their way out. Looks like I won’t be doing anything outdoors without the help of lanterns and headlights until 2016😦 So I’m shifting gears a little bit from my dirt jumper to live music, and I’m dubbing this month Show-Vember. I’ve got tickets to see more shows this month than I have in probably the past two years. Mostly metal, and mostly at El Corazon. Hell yes!

Confines and The Ghost Inside – El Corazon, October 27th

Parkway Drive – El Corazon, November 2nd

City and Colour – The Paramount, November 13th

Volumes and Northlane- El Corazon, November 19th

Texas In July and To The Wind – El Corazon, November 23rd

I’ll post my thoughts on each show following their dates. They might not come for a few days or weeks after, but I will post em.

Two Monster Energy Cup Questions

The middle weekend of October is approaching, and that means the best off-season dirt bike race of the year is just around the corner. The Monster Energy Cup is almost here and I can’t wait. This event brings so many different aspects to the traditional Supercross race making it one of a kind. The three moto format makes for tight racing due to the shorter number of laps. The Superminis and the Amateur All-Star classes provide an opportunity for the fastest amateurs to taste everything that is Supercross; the bright lights, tens of thousands of fans watching, and a professional night show schedule are all things the amateur guys don’t get to experience often. And the potential for one guy to become a millionaire in just one night makes for a really cool racing environment for the pros. This year’s lineup may also be the most stacked we’ve seen as far as potential winners. Stewart, Dungey, Roczen, Millsaps, Barcia, Canard, Anderson. Goodness gracious, there is going to be some bar banging!

First question. Does anyone sweep all three motos and walk away with the Monster Million? And if not, who wins the overall? I don’t know. I don’t really think anyone takes the Million this year. Stew and Dungey are my top pics to sweep the motos, but guys like Canard, Barcia, Millsaps, Roczen and Anderson are going to make things tough. But racing be cray sometimes, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Now, if Dungey or Stew don’t sweep all three motos, I think any number of guys could end up winning the overall. We saw last year that one mistake cost Trey Canard six figures, even after winning the first two motos. And when Barcia won the Cup in 2012, he only won one main event and finished second in the other two. Barcia, Roczen and Canard are in my book for possible winners behind Dungey or Stewart, while Jason Anderson and Davi Millsaps as my dark horse picks.

Second Question. What does the 2015 track layout have to offer? Is it going to provide a foundation for more epic battles? Hopefully. I mean the GOAT, Ricky Carmichael, did design it, and he has for the past few years without disappointment. I will admit it looks a little more mellow than it has in years past. I understand that the idea is to blend a bit of motocross with the Supercross, but this year the track looks pretty tame. No whoops, like usual, and not many rhythm sections. When tracks are like this they tend to produce close racing, as a lot of guys are capable of running a fast pace. It also makes the starts even more important and could make it difficult to pass and gain time when the laps aren’t too tricky. But that’s part of the game, and that’s why the Monster Million has proven so elusive since RV dominated the inaugural cup four years ago.

The Joker Lane looks more manageable this year in comparison to previous track designs as well. It’s not tucked away on the inside of a 4th-gear sweeper like in past years. Being a chicane that will live right on the start straight, hopefully it’s a little easier for the guys to get into. We’ve seen top riders like Dungey and Villopoto forget to take it while in the middle of a battle, but that too is also part of what makes the MEC so cool. I’m also curious to see how much extra time the Joker Lane is going to take this year. It looks like it could be a little shorter detour, which could change the racer’s strategy for each moto.

These are a couple of the things that I’ll be paying attention to on Saturday night, and I’m sure I won’t be disappointed. And with that, I end with a complaint regarding the TV airing of the race. Nobody has Fox Sports 2. Maybe Monster should take a page out of Red Bull’s book and set up some live on-line streaming for the those of us who really want to watch it live, but don’t have the necessary TV package. Just saying.

Me in a nutshell

My name is Justin and I’m a pretty happy guy working in the communications field. Sharing two-wheeled vehicles, snowboards, music and the outdoors with my friends are my favorite things in this world. Listening to music is my go-to pass time and I’m pretty serious about it. On this site you will find discussions surrounding the music I like to listen to, the action sports I spend my time doing and example work and portfolio pieces I have created throughout the years. Feel free to reach out. I love discussing any of these things, and I could talk about them for days. Thanks for stopping by.

Microsoft has been puttin in some great PR work

This past Friday my event planning group and I had the chance to listen to some great speakers share how technology is changing the communication field. Lucas Westcoat, a senior PR manager for Microsoft, made a killer presentation and got me even more excited about the PR field. It was cool to see a timeline and explanation of what is changing in our field. The internet and online mediums are playing a major role, but so are the audiences. Brands are making more and more personal connections every day. When was the last time Microsoft could replace broken or lost products for unfortunate customers within hours? And in the process receives staggering amounts of media coverage, all for taking care of loyal customers.


I think it is exciting to see global companies like Microsoft put personal touches on their campaigns. Everybody wins when this happens. I’d say PR has moved far from the spin-doctor wrap that has been long associated with the field. As students we understand that PR work is about creating positive relations and making customers happy, but I think consumers are taking longer to realize this. Hopefully more and more people are seeing this change, and can start to appreciate the work of PR professionals more and more.